we row a boat

by This Deep Well

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released June 22, 2017



all rights reserved


This Deep Well Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: giant body
lying in middle of road
giant body and a
skin that is hard as tinny toy colorful gold

little poke-men who would jab
or not maybe
no deliberating whether to poke you wake or not

no, he will of his own accord
yes he will open big eyes in the morn

gold, red and shiny snores he is
like a giant egg shell painted abode

down a staircase
we will wait, jagged pointy poke-pole
into your face
until he fastened me to floor

she was down wait
to the space in that hell
where creatures came from above
and from below to haunt the land

spy rose, said no, got a land free from from ache
(and a million mails)
I reply
reply on an innocent you bounce into a balloon like fire in your breath
spy to the right or left, the cars are a piece of engineering on earth

speak to them clear, they will row down the river to the lake in your eyes
answer the question in my hands

we row a boat, red and gold, question answer and the mud in your rose
that piece of plant-growing abode

i grow, you grow
let's escape to land above
send your pieces, puff

clean clothes in the park
balls to go
all the heroes know
how to grow, they know they know
Track Name: garments are gone
in the greenest grove
mesmerizing in robes
pure as light can see
you delivered of me

managing two tides
either hand in a sythe
cut away the noise
re-align with the void

into tea pot i boiled
water from the rubble site
tea pot was broke
rubble for the temple bride
(she wore a season of ash as her robe)

all along the trees
winds a path to the sea
careful, made of stone
could smash into your bones

aghaghaghagha I know well
electricty smells
shock of light and sound
mesmerizing us wow

treat the creatures with grace
romping in the shallow bay
keep safe from harm
sense to senses are OK
it drive your brain
deepen up the rabbit grave
(wive fell and broke, now her garments are gone)
Track Name: new moon
well beyond the starry skies and the heroes
rejoice with cups full of "here goes none"
twenty poison arrows, only a bird loathsome
in the eyes of un-steersome boat
row, never row, waving is too hard
inner star is destruction and sound
fun to go to town
fun to dance around
Track Name: monkey
inner vision was the best i could do
inner vision is lovely, i know you
intersponsored by a monkey or two
reverential to crescendo hue
i had no idea when, or where

slumbered owl was woken
step right to
chime a bell
ammunition has the best of you
the best of my senses aslumber

inner vision in the space for the two
i had two of them standing by my feet, through
peeking into a respectable view
hope to see you in sizes made faster, true
faster than you or the sun, hooray

intersponsored by a monkey or two
reverential to crescendo hue
i had no idea when, or where

slumbered owl was drawn by
magnet through
through to you
splash in waters purer
than side two
side of view into the mountain
Track Name: lagoon
Hovering over town i see the season of old
memories in the temporal medium, inner soul
Shooting at angels with two guns of pure angel love
shimmering clouds on jungle, entry to a know
feline temple
choral reception holds alight

hidden by all the rays of sun in after-a-noon
hidden like ancient bugs that seek refuge in coccoon
pitiless fish couragous fish sunrising lagoon
it is their job now work non stop
to rise it as soon
soon is never as soon as point in the crux, the road

picture painted by bees
honey-time reel

movie made of an eel
tricity fields

my mine, penetrive reed
river-side breed

energy meal
call it “time peel”