rise, dome

by This Deep Well

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released April 2, 2017



all rights reserved


This Deep Well Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Lightning
into the fire, holed up
ooh mercy, oh mercy sends up
walk into mire, oh luck
astutely i mirrored it back
energy fire and stuff, ooh mercy, oh mercy gets loved
tragedy radio shack, ooh
moon over mirror, the winner of luck
Track Name: rise, dome
announcing the soul
crystals in the soup won't hurt you, I know
lie me down an effegy off control

mysterious doll
rescuing the people
hunting for rope
rope to tie the place and mirror the soul

hear me out
announcing to the west coast
i'm preparing a potion of "rise, dome"

little doll
of only rag and oh, but
overnight it's alive, it's my knife
Track Name: Pow Pow
another avalanche from the
lava lamp
and into other camp

directing missiles of the
magma kind
and it's a cavalry of
fire on a horse
burning the horses of course

ride like a champ
let your legs inside the sand

not water no
muddy muddy uck
oh no

an energy unlike any fantasy you've ever had before

a simple drop of this could destroy the world
it could deploy the boat

try not to sink if you want to live again
it's not forever end

the bubbling waters signal a submarine
magnanimous machine

pride is a growth
mezmerizing kind of coat

worn as a sheath
it protects nothing
but filth

here is the sun
here is every moon you drowned

hey it's the sun
burning my feet on the run
Track Name: insects of love
hold my hand and we will go so far
only people that know us are:
that little mastif, and little turtle boy

healthy places are to go, are neat
instead of heading for defeat
it's not a nice thing
it is a bad thing
bad like salted wounds like
radio disputes fights
over ancient frozen insects of love
feasting on our corpse

holy places are the best yeah
they are cool and nice and
they smell of dope
funky distinction, tho
Track Name: post-lunch
octopus will dry up in my bag
you told me to throw it in the trash
talking on the telephone
i'm not quite sure

opening the car was little man
it is festival in this here land
minute as the detail shown
in chalk on road

fantasy is told in all of the colours of the here rainbow
it come from a gnome
and danced and told me to face
the shadows absolved

enemies are made of paste in a bowl
and gnomy man will mix it, his soft hands arose
a question in our toes
toes danced festive ode

octopus will dry up in my bag
you told me to throw it in the trash
talking on the telephone
and smiling bold

opening the caves by curtain swung
to reveal a festivla in lung
when a breath of deepest breeze
made me to sneeze

dreamy storytime was pale by resolve
it sat dull in a corner, and frowned and bellowed:
"you sleep too little my friend,
and i'm never dreamt"

so sorry I meant not to cause offence
i heard that it a party, a single defence
one arm positioned like this
then legs mega strength
a dance becoming desensetized and elate
a fight this dance is a struggle to dream awake
Track Name: Mountain Town
walk to the edge of the mountain town
this river sound
a fire loud a crackling cloud
all is told
by people circle fold
arms in a posture

movement intends to disturb the light
a mighty kite
flying alight
arrive unbound
all in town
grow older and devout
bro, it's a tough mount

climb up and rage
crystal is estable cage
so many page
book is a mystery faze
blind as my soul
bro it's rival
fight to a hole

to fight in war like a-me
just in a hill
climb up im ill
so very ill
trembling and soaring
sky up a-high
miriads of eye
solar project tie
suit and arise
suit and arise
Track Name: Mr Seinfeld
i punctured my lung
while breathing in that bed
lightning flash crash
it sparkled in my head
operate my heart
i'm bleeding to my death

sit alight in bed
let the flames reveal the mess
in the driver's seat
little men announce a "me"

and they take me for a ride
they fly me like i'm some sort
kinda boat
a winged boat of RPG
a total mysetry to me
a second sense tells them
to the right, oh to the left
manouvering the wheels in my flesh
a trickling of fantasy
the little men a drivers be
i turn into a seat

take me by the head
of my darkly spinning sweats
i'm a gonna die
when the fire rises ripe
oh a lightning flash
travel down to earth
sit alight in bed
let the flames reveal the mess

in the driver's seat
the little men told me
"you are made of flesh,
enmeshed in hyper-stretch
we will drive from here
relax and take no fear"

body is a wingedy boat,
turn the levers and spin the wheels
set sail in a hyper-stretch boat
a pneumatic flesh rider's seat