My Train

by This Deep Well

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released April 2, 2017



all rights reserved


This Deep Well Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Cloud Desktop
majoring in major league philosophy
Track Name: Dream Team
everything is dumb
you enter cave i grab your arm
we run before the walls collapse oh

if the seasons change
it's not because they want your name
on gold plack letters entertained oh

craving energies for more
we could hold the world
so much more

misery and comic pain
is the working of a violent troupe of

rodent birds ahh
call them bats you know they sound
soundwaves furiously down
to the cave we bounce all around
to allow us to reach machine
the central core is rotting clean
energies are stored over me
Track Name: Little Frog
sitting down on stool, little frog will wade in pool
and ail no more
through the branches a turtle snored up in its dream
little gust of wind it seemed, a dreamy breeze
frog blown into the overseas
swish and float, croak yeah croak
it's fun, it's raining in my coat
useless coat, laugh and throw
continue naked down dream road

messages of peace
messages of juicy leaves and furitless pips
life banks, ants in a circle sit
walk to the trees
it's a song for frogs to seek and greet the day
rays of sun in crescendo gave
trumpets, time
other kinds of toys, of fun ways jungle sang
all at once, burst in tongues
a million dreams from turtle's hut, the other day
while tending to flame
gardenbed is nice, a turtle's delight
smile and sit on porch, the fire restored
Track Name: Oh Geez
over the desk and far away
prior to Elk
withold an antler

into the snow under the flake
tropical questions host an
answer fest
tricky to say
i'll call all the guests
sorta stairs
a sort of pillow over there

price in elves
gnomiest fruitbowl i ever smelled
hold on there
i'd better ask it's only a...

it's only a Discredo
right, i see i guess i better ask because i

many have come in through the door
fat as a bee they stuck in amber
tropical land brisk step a stone
hoppity hop i know the answer

paradise raitoned in quarterbacks to the dice
rolled down pines into the forest mo mi ma
Harry glide ee happy to be sitting alive
rumpty prize
a golden medal, oh the nice
Track Name: Wildlife
honey time choco science make a soup bowl
asteroid like a beautiful big-eyed troll
peel fine unchained seal shines a peel sheds light
trophy kind, time is super kind triumphant sole-time

Wildlife has got to fall
overnight erasure road
starlight will save i know
caught it and i caught it gold
trees bite pups soothe the soul
puppy sights to heal your role
roll around the ground is old
older and dimensional

trees fight trees night a starry black sky
beautifying face online a reading streak tribe
folio size of old, trial and end-all

Alright , arrest the soul
Wildlife has got to fall
pup barks and saves us all
starlight will save us all
dog as gold angel old
older than dimensional
Track Name: My Train
older than oldest as can go
and around her
trees ring turn round and say hello

favourite discretion of a toad
roasted bailer
bail oh the bailing gets a-no'd

into the woods enter the void
it's the tree it
stands so much taller than a goal

no don't hold on
fall into buckets of water
your skin is shiny like all of the ocean
the sun glitters atop its enourmous
friendly roamers they carry sticks to never touch the water
it's neat
i'd like to get in a river
a big river flow down

my train surrounded by the steam
of its engine
slows into platform station 8

passengers happy as the gold
golden numbers
treat me to cake and cheerios