chained to Mars

by This Deep Well

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You and you are fired forever!


released July 6, 2017



all rights reserved


This Deep Well Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: pace of heaven
place the bet uneven
over single hole
it a bet to greet the king of over in the zone
speak to me bout regions where you went and home
oh the queen had people, celebrated guests of old
over trees the seeping cloud of iron was a-load

made for three and treaty
who would sign by mode
of a pen on regions of the earth where it a moan
most of all, they speeped me
all the money gone
i was held for respecting the pace of heaven's dome
i was burnt to be a little earthy spiky gnome

but not all, oh no
i wasnt old
i was living strong
you won't be my mode
of liason
i was training strong, super gnome

made of heaps of wisdom
like a strong cologne
pace the room for backwards into holes where never roam
stuck the nose in ether to dilute it all
cos the place was dirty, dirtier than you could know
cos the mace was stinging in the eyes of saint gerome

all the way to Eden in a single boat
pay the rent uneven, help me sister, it's a rogue
peep off edge to cliff meet, where they meeting all
the discussion heated, it's a cry loud of the soap
super-made-in-Eden it's a crazy little road

mace my way out home
i'm guarded strong
by a man with tongs
i wont burn, i'm cold like iron rod
in a peaceful hold
pale away but stole the reason d'or
able bones to grow

bade away fort tone
my silly throne
wobbly like road
Track Name: ground was 3D land
On a mile away from home
i saw the religious dissolve
spake of hostess bar off hold where you and the others devised
angel plan to scape thine greed, a river of poison a desired rage
help your other like myself, a puke thrown to udder of an angry sage
cow was posioned i nothing done
spoilt my coven with braver gloat
maimed pipe-oven cook up my sold
ancient, ancient

spake a spirit lever even, cane of a million de-mold
cook on heathen, breathe through peeved one
anger on soiled de-roiled
spun those wheels like heaven store
a shop of a million and dollar more
pay my raid like heady boat and draw once a season, ape a drawing mode

hold them people in cup of wine
sposed to be like none other kind
space was even, ground was 3D land
hole up, hole up
maimed my free son
make another son
spade of treason dig up all the mounds
paid the seasons like a video man
Track Name: Maple
wired like those robot men
slurping up soup of battery and meld
into the mind
roll up slope like fighter Ben
he was a sleeper but I showed him well
i kicked the mine

dogs locked up inside this pen
gnarling and barking in pleads of help and chained to Mars
rope long fall down into den
inner the cave and inner ravens fell from perched above mound

sport wasn't bored when it played
itself mach is payed by home
with a file in hell
real bone awake
find maple
they ridiculed the people out by the station

make love to the poster men
space is relayed entrail of big fat exquisite 'bode
house was seasoned with peptode
lope to the country where the marriages are held by rose ah

spun like a fun little story about us all
i hope you will teach me to fly
like a motor-mind rotation it take us up to greet the dogs in awake 'ome
bloat entrail of anyone who dares not speak in a mail dough
Track Name: petite pine
open me like book now
oh yeah yeah open me to leaf fold
i severed each of them small tree-poles
raging out like freeform

brace yourself for re-told
i wasn't sure if they were equal
i wasn't sure of aching beast-hole
plague a meat in east Bow

petite pine in other garden maze
a soft pursuit through older days,
you and you are fired forever

spine was healed by Mr Brain he hugged me harder than the pain, then
hone your bulls to herd arena

born on even ground, he
oh yeah she torn from pieces of meat
oh no the cuts are deep in each piece
mezmerized by bleed heap

Peter Pan was breathed in, he oven cold to heat the reeds in
he roll the river waves like cheap skin
breathing out of peace pete but define
a major calvary reload your gun this is a beat
you will keep with snappy finger
sign away your life to feed
a major cover over us has been returned ive been resorted
Track Name: overnight i'm animal
overnight i'm animal
amount o' reed to blow the horn
planet is a sad parole
trees are minced in maid's abode
pine away through solid gold
i hear there's a wind a-hold

marry me, see the bees staring in the night of overhead
many pretty stars are eating earth in these fine years
ferris wheels in the cieleing i know if anyone were hurt
meat is in a paradise on earth, i respect bee

pious ape is here, oh
i mean the main was eaten, d'oh
love is here in these uh-homes
a mass to bring the seal of hope
farm o' weeds, farm o' weeds

fire eats itself in hope
of best receive of signal mode
maybe peel the ring unknown
amazing feeling in this show
dime awave

over here it's a sphere of unequal influence on earth
part of the century on herds of despised goats
mess its piece, scramble each, imma cut a telephone in 'alf
oh repeat the word of Peter Pointer in tide age
fly daze