Big Hand

by This Deep Well

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released August 10, 2017



all rights reserved


This Deep Well Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Meet under older tree
morning entering to dawn, then
spawn hen, oh cock-a-doodle-do

time to exit an emotion
which one
anger and hard fool's tune

spy through
two round holes cut through
news paper
¿who you?

time flew, robe of silk and jewel
smashed in river soon

Maynard called me up and tamed earth
rain has
bloomed me to feast of bones

milky, trouble wasn't earthy
in their galactic boat

pre-heard, post-inserted hurt
land understood, troupe

meet under older tree
flowers eat honey bee who eat
me, minister of cheap road to greet
there's a crack on feet
magma will boil beasts
so would we
in a cloud of peace

plead weed bamboo earth's own reed
fleas cold swamp trees in this sweet ole night

who were them who enter lair
them be forgiven true

speak i will hear it leak
from the mouths of the lion peepz
neat, no one here to breathe
none but me and the frog of East
heap, ants are curling deep
here they are to be freed from greed


(not needed)
merry melody of meaning
he sing
she sing, i hope we do
Track Name: Water from Pan
life in the forest was nice and the springs were not frozen but bubbling up in the sands
water from Pan
trials for boulders, they rolled down like soldiers
into the decaying old moss on the trees
fungus and seeds
spit in the throat of the mighty ol' toad
i can see he's a wise and disciplined old beast
croaking for weeks i can hear him denounce the hate and the fury that hang in the airs
love is the pine unusual

over the trees and insert to the peak
an illusion of resources, ah sole mi
preode and camcode and capture the seat
and recall every shape as they rafting afleet
bubbling over the sides of the reed
in the banking illusion of "risky delete"
moss in the cove is a seat for the fleas
and the laugh and the buzz to the rhythm of eat

merry and heaped, all the worms are in heat in the sun
as they stick to the earth in a haze
smiling a trace
pale and cheap, i'm a-wearing a kit of explorer and mountainer, laker and Pete
carry the keys
snapping its teeth, this iguana was leaped from the rock to the speech
and envisioning all
dreaming of boat
flying indeed, i'm inside a trapeze
you're a signboard on street
that was hissing a snake
guiled and aged
pile of heap and the ant on the tree slurping honey for days
even by time's own standard
gaining the language used by the river when she has name
full of the flows and swirlies
a same as the swirlies that roll in the steam when the lava was magically turned into feed
you have a thorat that of iron and beads
and two eyes like a lizard who smile over me's
spade in our hand and a cart full of leaves
and a wheelie of fruit to help harvester weak
mail is in hand as the crocodiles sing
what a chorusing bait to help fish me from sea
Track Name: Old party in the swamp
morning was bad
all of them apt
onto the razor
pie'd was I
coo clown snide

oh, fire in the lamp
let me burn it in the sand
lava in the pan
cross between an egg and hands
lover in the pad
craze to sneak it solemn had
coerce it's a bad
lo and kind inno a
bite sandwich home
cluster of alias
skie's up for dough
boiling manger part of hen, bull, sap grows

pry open time
flatly examined
oh, thunder ramp
cunning it stunning
flash, then in light blind as mouse

old party in the swamp
feline kindness is a sort
covering my fort
make us stronger than the rod
tricity with eyes
climb up top up on the nice
view is of the Spring
Sow, Summer in a ring
clue was shed by all the pups
circling a 9
face to face with our eyes
glowering a dog
i feel better in the shine
cleaning us the hose
Track Name: I dreamt I was in prison
I dreamt I was in prison
I dreamt I was in marble maze, banned
A riddle in the pillars
A secret chamber hidden too far
Oh it so far away, I could climb, I could swim
to horizon
I could fly
down, into the gorge
down, dip feathers gold

Bugmen were savoury on plate by the stove
the curtain man was boning
the secret service pasture for dudes
Sick prison ache was blurry
my eyes to not distinguish my role
i sang a shitty golem
into existence with a large bowl
of everything it loathes, and it screech, and tonight was a signal to decline
most of offers due
most of money pooled

solo x2

I dreamt of extra seasons, past Summer and into the unknown
a placement product pre-bone
for offerings were blood is on stove
Prison is anything but trifling snooze
it help you keep a sinner
it help you fit the party in tube
and rattle it around, like a beast
in a cage
well exactly
it a cage
point the finger new
gold to touch it soot

Oh it so far away, I could climb, I could swim
to horizon
I could fly
down, into the gorge
down, dip feathers gold

I pick open a gate, and another another forever
it's a song
sung by dueling brutes
cost effective loop